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Kelly Barth lives on very little money in a very small house with her partner Lisa Grossman in Lawrence, Kansas. She was a fiction fellow in the University of Montana’s creative writing program and has received fellowships from the Missouri Arts Council and the Kansas Arts Commission. Her work has been published in anthologies and literary journals, most recently Coal City Review, Literary Bird Journal, and Muse & StoneMy Almost Certainly Real Imaginary Jesus is her first memoir.

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  • I “like” this but don’t know how to indicate that without acquiring yet another password, in a world already drowning in passwords. In fact, I don’t even know whether I’m liking this in the proper place. I want to read your book, is what I want to say. Roger

    • kellybarth says:

      Hi Roger. I’m totally with you about “liking” and “passwords” and social media in general. I’m only doing this so I can market the book. I’d prefer you just order it from the Raven Bookstore at If you’re on Facebook, you can “like” the My Almost Certainly Real Imaginary Jesus page, but I’ll be posting the same things here. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your interest!



      • Roger Martin says:

        I read it. What a pleasure. Full of grit and motherwit. Full of honest struggle and gutsy confusion. I haven’t sunk into a book in that particular way (as if a spell were being cast) in ever so long.

        It’s good you got a Mennonite to broker your church’s discussion. I’m a made Mennonite, not a born one, and they’re awfully good at this consensus-building thing, which can be agonizing when you’re in its midst but gratifying afterwards.

        You’re a category-killer, and I appreciate that. I’m a Christian-ish person myself, with a bias against certainty and a taste for an apophatic vision of the divine. I really don’t KNOW nothin’ fer sure, but I’m willing, as was Blaise Pascal, to make the wager that there’s at least a great mystery at the heart of things, maybe more. William James and Miguel de Unamuno are also inspirations.

        Our pastor got into hot water with our conference for performing a covenant ceremony for two women back in ’09, but we made it through: In fact, she’s never had her credentials revoked and the people who objected to what she had done wound up leaving the conference (sad to say). You’re welcome to come to Peace Mennonite at 621 Lincoln Street any time. We’d probably be a bit too far out for you, though: We’ve lost at least two gay men and one transgendered person because we weren’t theologically conservative enough.

        You’ve written something important, a way in to your world for those who are halfway willing to suspend their certainty, to put down their rage and their fear. Thanks.

      • kellybarth says:

        Wow! Thanks for the careful read and fantastic response. I’m humbled and grateful you liked it.

      • kellybarth says:

        Thanks Roger. I so appreciate a response from such a sensitive intelligent reader!

  • Want to read your book.

    Errant Christian

  • Annie B says:

    “My Almost Certainly Real Imaginary Jesus” is a fantastic book. A story similar to my own, but better told. Thanks for writing it.

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